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The video, which lasts 1 hour and the material in general here in the course, is for use by Danish and global investors and other actors who are directly or indirectly involved in the sensational and scandalous case danish media Berlingske Tidende has competently revealed in late autumn 2023. Bellabeat and its major invetost danish venture Nordic Eye cannot document the marketvalue that is suggested in marketing. On several critical business pillars danish newspaper Berlingske has found lies and fake. Scam. This video is (of course) private, but was briefly publicly available on Vimeo. I have chosen to publish it in the interest of society, since the meeting conversation is generally worthy of student teaching at economic schools. Name-dropping and bullshit. No balanced vires in Bellabeat shares investments. Only one-sided fairytale stories are presented in Nordic Eye's failed attempt to sell to MK Secondaries (shares) on behalf of Bellabeat's founders. While particularly investors in Denmark hardly can believe their luck with a supposed 4-double Unicorn in Croatia a grim surprise is now revealed. There is no net income. Revenues are doubtful too.

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